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VesuviO Clapham Closes....moving to Sharnbrook

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Relocating Pizzeria VesuviO

By 2005, Pizzeria VesuviO had become a 200 seater restaurant known for excellent traditional Italian food, great family atmosphere and most of all, still family owned and run. An opportunity soon became available for us to purchase the land at Park Lane in order to extend our unique brand further and increase our opportunities. With 44-46 High Street, Clapham we reached a point where we could not extend any further and we wanted to offer so much more to our loyal customers and the wider community. A family wedding in 2003, taught us that Bedfordshire lacked a large banqueting venue with car parking and landscaped outdoor facilities and we took to redesigning the original 46 bedroom hotel planning permission that came with Park Lane.  

We therefore sat down with our architect and applied our 19 years of experience in the catering trade with our knowledge of facilities already available in the county. With the original scheme incorporating a restaurant smaller than the original Pizzeria VesuviO, we set out to redesign the ground floor to give VesuviO a new home, create a Banquet & Conference Suite to rival all others, a hotel reception area and have separate external entrances for each while being internally linked while being served from one large kitchen in the middle of the ground floor.

In May 2005 we started the groundwork for our new premises and by 31st October 2006 we opened the ground floor of our new complex introducing the new style of VesuviO and The Amalfi Suite.

We proudly hosted Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Weddings, 1st Holy Communions, Christenings, Christmas Parties at Vesuvio Clapham, we grew as a family and we learnt a great deal about the industry and evolved our business over 19 years.

Whilst it was sad to leave our old premises, the new horizon of VesuviO Sharnbrook beckoned and thankfully we have continued our success taking our unique family run business and brand into the 21st century.

Want to know more about our events? Why not head over our EVENTS page.

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