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A New Era - VesuviO & The Sharnbrook Hotel since 2006

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

In May 2005 we started the groundwork for our new premises and by 31st October 2006 we opened the ground floor of our new complex introducing the new style of VesuviO and The Amalfi Suite.

The internal décor of our ground floor is based on the modern day

Mediterranean shorefront hotel along the Neopolitan coastline. The theme of VesuviO became one of Italian Film and Food with Ciro sourcing a selection of images that showed true Italian Actors with food.

The black & white canvas theme continues throughout the interior décor of the business with the rear of our bars, the ground floor corridor, The Amalfi Suite and our guest rooms being adorned with black and white photography taken by Ciro during holidays and family visits to various regions of Italy.With the ground floor being 5 times larger than our Clapham premises, we gave ourselves 6 months to settle into our new premises with our target date for opening the hotel business in March 2007. Again, while VesuviO reaffirmed its position amongst Bedfordshire and Northants restaurants, The Amalfi Suite soon gained recognition as one of the best Banquet & Conference Suites around and the family dug their elbows in to ensure continued success on the ground floor while completing the hotel within the remaining time scale.

On the 19th Anniversary of opening Vesuvio Clapham, we closed our premises following a great, busy night on Saturday 28th October 2006. At 1am, we were dismantling and moving important kitchen equipment, pizza ovens and required furniture ready for our move to Sharnbrook.

On Tuesday 31st October 2006 we hosted our first of two consecutive opening evenings with free buffet and refreshments on the Tuesday & Wednesday as a thank you to our loyal customers, supportive friends and business associates and an opportunity for our team to get accustomed to our new premises.

On Thursday 2nd November 2006 we opened Vesuvio to the public and thankfully we were busy from day 1 and haven't looked back since. We hosted our 1st Wedding Show on Sunday 12th November 2006 inspiring a great wedding season in 2007, the first celebration in The Amalfi Suite was a wonderful Diamond Wedding Anniversary and Christmas Parties in 2006 were extremely well received with Vision adorning our stage and entertaining our guests.

Mas, Angela, Peppe, Ciro & Anna >>>

The Sharnbrook Hotel officially opened its guest room doors on Saturday 31st March 07 when we hosted our first wedding in The Amalfi Suite and VesuviO was used as a breakfast restaurant for the first time. As a family business our reputation remains of utmost importance to us and we continue to strive to gain new heights of service, quality and comfort for our customers whether they are visiting VesuviO, the Hotel or The Amalfi Suite. We remain continually indebted to our loyal customers that we have come to know as families and we recognise we wouldn’t be in the position we are today if it wasn’t for their continuing loyalty and custom.

Want to know more about our events? Why not head over our EVENTS page.

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